Business Intelligence Firms

business intelligence firmsAt Whispering Mountain Management Group LLC, we strive to accelerate business intelligence capabilities by offering services in optimization and transformation. But unlike other business intelligence firms, we work around a mission of improving the human experience of our customers and employees by assessing and developing business intelligence capabilities. But that’s not the only thing that sets us apart.

Our Founder

Steven Capps founded Whispering Mountain after two decades of serving in leadership roles within a variety of financial services firms. A native of Detroit, he began his career in quality assurance within the durable medical equipment field. From there, he worked on continuous improvement projects before transitioning to organizational transformations as a specialist of distressed firms. Combining his experience in business management with an MBA from Georgetown University, Steven brings with him a vast working knowledge of business intelligence capabilities and their successful implementations.

Our Values

Unlike many other business intelligence firms, Whispering Mountain is structured around four main values: integrity, kindness, humility and discernment. In addition to striving to always do our best and do best by our clients, we are also constantly separating passing fads from true innovation in an attempt to focus on qualities that have historically and continuously led to success.

Our Services

Whispering Mountain Management Group is one of the few business intelligence firms that offers services in both optimization and transformation. W work hard to ensure your investments work well together. But we also coach you on knowing the opportune time to blaze a new trail.

As part of our available transformative services, we assist organizations in mergers & acquisitions due diligence, post-acquisition integration, organizational structure opportunities, and modeling office pilots. We can even help you discern how your business can become more efficient through strategizing areas to invest and regress.

Through our optimization services, clients learn about business intelligence capability assessment, development and planning. We also assist businesses with advanced analytics, business intelligence process audits and key performance indicator reviews.

Our Commitment To You

Don’t waste your valuable time and resources on business intelligence firms that don’t have your best interests at heart. Contact the experts at Whispering Mountain Management Group to start improving your business intelligence capabilities today.