Business Intelligence Strategy

business intelligence strategyAt Whispering Mountain Management Group LLC, we call upon our established business intelligence strategy to assist clients in collecting, analyzing and presenting information in a meaningful and informative way to help achieve their fullest capabilities.

Business Intelligence

To put it simply, business intelligence encompasses the practices, applications and technologies that analyze business information. By strategically analyzing this data, employers can make better-informed decisions regarding the direction their businesses are growing. That’s why having a foundational business intelligence strategy is so vital. By assessing historical trends and analyzing multiple sources of data, we’re able to better provide predictive views of future operations.

Business Intelligence Capabilities Assessment Scoring and Evaluation (BICASE)

BICASE is a service offered through Whispering Mountain Management Group that lays the foundation for our optimization services. It allows our clients to grasp a better understanding of how information is created, responded to, communicated through, and impacting their businesses.

During the assessment stage of our business intelligence strategy, we thoroughly scrutinize the people, data and technologies that work within the organization. Each of these areas require immense amounts of time and investment. But they’re only contributing capabilities if they work well together.

After we fully assess your organization’s structure, we create a scoring system specifically adapted to match your businesses’ existing environment. During this stage of our business intelligence strategy, we ask serious questions about your organization’s capabilities. Clients are able to figure out if their business intelligence capability exists within their organization at all; if it’s able to fulfill its mission within its current location; and even if there is a gap or surplus in skills?

Lastly, we utilize an evaluation tool known as SPICE, which measures Strategy, Perception, Incentives, Controls and Engagement. To guarantee high-quality and consistent business intelligence, the environment must align all of these qualities harmoniously.

There are a multitude of business intelligence strategy tools and analytics programs that can measure your business intelligence capabilities. But sophisticated tools and complicated programming doesn’t always equate to more accurate results. At Whispering Mountain Management Group, we work with you using our BICASE business intelligence strategy to ensure that you understand how to best reach your organization’s goals based on its unique infrastructure. Contact us today to discover the full potential of your business intelligence capabilities!