Business Intelligence Technologies

business intelligence technologiesAt Whispering Mountain Management Group LLC, our mission is centered around improving the human experience through developing business intelligence capabilities.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The term business intelligence refers to the technologies and strategies used to analyze data and assist executives or corporate end users in making informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence Technologies

BI technologies play an integral role in providing historic, current and predictive assessments of business operations. Large amounts of data are analyzed in a way that are easily interpretable. This easily digestible information is used to identify and develop new strategic business opportunities that can illicit a competitive market advantage or stability.

Common business intelligence technologies include analytical processing, data and process mining, business performance management, benchmarking, prescriptive and predictive analytics, and text mining.

Business intelligence is often used by enterprises to minimize risk and maximize growth in a wide range of business decisions. Operational business intelligence can be beneficial in configuring product position and pricing. Strategic business decisions will revolve around organizational goals and priorities. But in all cases, BI is most effective when it combines external market data and internal operational data to provide a comprehensive picture of contributing factors and inhibitors to success.

At Whispering Mountain, we specialize in accelerating business intelligence capabilities. We offer services in BI assessment scoring and evaluation, in addition to development strategies and planning.

Business Intelligence Capabilities Assessment Scoring and Evaluation (BICASE)

The foundation of our optimization work, BICASE is a useful tool in showing our clients how information is acted up, flows through, and impacts their businesses. First, we assess your employees, technology and data. Businesses invest the most resources into these three assets, and their ability to work together can greatly impact your organization’s overall health.

It’s important that these assessments are scored in context to their environment. Therefore, we create a custom grading scale based on your existing reporting procedures.

After the assessments are scored, we evaluate the results. This interpretation phase is broken down by our SPICE tool, which looks individually at strategy, perception, incentives, controls and engagement within your organization. An optimal BI environment aligns all of these qualities harmoniously to ensure consistent and actionable business intelligence.

For valuable insight into business intelligence technologies and capabilities, contact the experts at Whispering Mountain Management Group.