Business Intelligence Capabilities Assessment Scoring and Evaluation

BICASE is the foundation of our optimization work. It is our proprietary approach that enables you to experience how information, the lifeblood of your organization, is created, acted upon, flows through, and impacts your business.

Business Intelligence Capabilities:


We look at People, Technology, and Data. Each of these are assets you have invested in, but they are only capabilities to the extent that they work together.


Each capability must be understood within context. To facilitate incorporation within your existing environment, we adapt the scoring to match your existing reporting (scaled score, percentile achievement, Harvey balls, or traffic lights). Questions to consider when scoring: Does the capability exist? Is the capability located within the organization where it can fulfill its mission? Is there a gap or surplus in skills or capacity?


The interpretation phase includes SPICE: Strategy, Perception, Incentives, Controls, and Engagement. An optimal business intelligence environment aligns all of these qualities to ensure consistent, high-quality, and actionable intelligence.

BI Capability Development Strategies and Planning

There are many analytics maturity models on the market, but is more sophisticated always better? If your business strategy is different from your peers, then your organization should look differently too. We work with you using our BICASE system to understand how to optimize your organization to achieve its goals based on its unique strategy. Knowing where your organization is not aligned to your strategy with regard to business intelligence (including both how it is not aligned and to what degree) allows us to help you create a roadmap to get from where you are today to where you need to be to get the most out of your business intelligence investment.

Advanced Analytics

Managing an advanced analytics function is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. Good quantitative skills are necessary, but not sufficient for success. Risk management, stakeholder buy-in, project selection, implementation feasibility, and solution optimization are all critical components to an effective advanced analytics program. Our Collaboration Pathways solution enables each stakeholder to focus on what they do best in an environment of transparency and cost-effective risk management. Find out how Collaboration Pathways can help your organization achieve its analytics objectives today.

Business Intelligence Process Audits

Does your business intelligence measure what you want it to measure? Are changes in metrics correlated with changes in the desired performance? If either of these is only partially true, then it is only partially possible for you to make well-informed decisions.

During a BI process audit, we follow the data from the behaviors that create data through to the criteria used to evaluate data when making decisions. There are many steps in between where BI can be compromised. When issues are identified, we work with you to determine the best solutions (short-term and/or long-term) to overcome these challenges within the context of People, Process, and Technology.

Key Performance Indicator Reviews

You get what you measure, but is that a good thing? Our KPI reviews evaluate the effectiveness of the metrics your organization uses to drive performance. Any given KPI will produce desired and undesired results. It is only by using a systemic approach that several KPIs are able to help your organization accomplish its objectives while minimizing unintended consequences.