Post Acquisition Integration

post acquisition integrationMergers and acquisitions are transformative transactions that can greatly affect both parties. But ensuring a smooth transition and successful post acquisition integration is an essential step in the process that often gets overlooked. Let the experts at Whispering Mountain Management Group LLC guide you through this process to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Although these two terms are often lumped together into a single entity, mergers and acquisitions are two different kinds of business transactions. A merger is considered a legal consolidation of two separate entities into one. An acquisition occurs when an entity takes ownership of a different entity’s stocks or assets. In both cases, the transactions typically encompass the consolidation of both assets and liabilities under one entity.

Mergers and acquisitions are common aspects of strategic management, and grant entities the opportunity to expand, shrink, or change the entire nature of their competitive positions.

Beginning the process

The first step in initiating a merger or acquisition is drafting a letter of intent. While this letter does not legally bind the entities to commit to a transaction, it may hold them accountable to keeping confidential and exclusive obligations throughout the due diligence process.

At Whispering Mountain Management, we offer services in assisting with the complicated and multifaceted process of due diligence. This process requires more than simply plucking numbers from a financial statement and plugging them into a valuation model. Our team of experts have extensive experience in business intelligence in addition to mergers and acquisitions, and can provide insightful perspectives on hidden costs and opportunities. Let us help you manage your risks by identifying the drivers of profitability and loss.

Post Acquisition Integration

After you’ve gone through the lengthy process of investing in an acquisition, the hard work begins. After you’ve taken ownership of another entity, there are different cultures, systems and operating models to navigate and consolidate.

Not getting the anticipated return on investment is a frustratingly common occurrence for those who put little thought into their post acquisition integration strategy. But creating and following the right integration plan is just as important as securing the right price.

No matter where you are in the mergers and acquisitions process – from writing the letter of intent to struggling through a failing post acquisition transaction – the experts at Whispering Mountain Management Group are here to help. Contact us today to get started.